Ohio Gun Owners Win Big Despite Governor Veto

For 2019 Ohio Gun owners is already looking like a good year! During 2018 gun-owners have been working on a bill in the Ohio General Assembly that would improve several points of Ohio law.  Originally passed in early December by the House and the Senate, on December 20th the Governor dashed everyone’s hope by vetoing…

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Armed Woman Comes To Aid a Police Officer and Now is Being Sued!

Woman Helping Police

On February 20, 2017, an Indiana Conservation Officer, Michael Powell, responded to a call about a suspicious person on SR 56 outside of Rising Sun, Indiana (west of Cincinnati, OH, and northeast of Louisville, KY ).  At some point, after Officer Powell approached Justin Holland the interaction became violent and a fight ensued with Holland quickly overwhelming the officer.

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Toledo Concealed Carrier Defends Her Friend From Abusive Boyfriend

Toledo Ohio DGU

It’s becoming more commonplace to hear about the strength of women in today’s society. From movies, to sports, to the business world we hear about women and showing that these are not the 50’s housewives and homemakers we are used to. An incident in North Toledo on Saturday again proved that messing with a woman, especially a well-armed woman might just send you home hurting.

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St. Louisville Man Protects His Children from Armed Intruders

St. Louisville Ohio Shooting

Everyone who has ever had a child can tell you that their life was changed forever the day they were welcomed into the world. From that point on you have a brand new person to mold, teach, and most importantly protect. We have heard many stories over the years of parents going to great lengths to assure their children are kept safe. And today we have another from the small town of St. Louisville.

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Armed Robbers Entered the WRONG Cleveland Taco Bell

Cleveland Taco Bell

The only open fire at a restaurant should be coming from the kitchen, though in Taco Bell’s case it can come in the bathroom, too. Where it should never come from, though, is from a gun barrel at the front counter. Although just that very thing happened at a Cleveland Taco Bell on Wednesday.

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