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Bowling Green Massacre Averted by Good Guy with a Gun

Ohio Defensive Shooting

Chaos erupted in Bowling Green last Friday night when a homeowner was forced to defend his home and his life from a set of men attempting to break into his home.

The incident occurred just after 1:00 in the morning on December 22nd when according to local Bowling Green Police, two men violently broke into a home on Liberty Street and were met by a luckily armed homeowner during their cowardly crime.

The homeowner, a man by the name of Terry Stetler had a 9mm handgun on his person at the time of the break-in and it is that gun that may have saved his life because as the men made their way inside they were met by a hail of gunfire from Stetler.

In the shootout, one of the criminals was struck three times by the defending homeowner, once in his lower back along with two shots grazing the assailant’s arm.

Following this, the criminals finally wisened up and began to run away from Stetler’s home. The man who was shot only made it about a block and a half away before falling in the spot that he was later found by police. As for his partner, there is no information currently available on his whereabouts because, like most criminals, this coward abandoned the scene and his friend in an attempt to save his own skin.

The suspect who was shot by Stetler was taken to Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center where his injuries were not deemed as life-threatening. 

Terry Stetler has not been charged with a crime as of the writing of this article. Hopefully, he will not become a victim of Ohio’s backward Burden of Proof Laws and he will be able to put this incident behind him and go on with his life

As for the suspect who managed to escape Stetler and the police, anyone with information on the escaped suspect has been asked to contact the Bowling Green Police Department at 419-352-2571 or the Wood County Crime Stopper program at 419-352-0077.

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