Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Concealed Carry Permits

Below are answers to the most common questions we get about obtaining a Ohio Concealed Carry Permit (CCW). If you have questions that are not addressed below please call or email us.

Does Ohio Allow Open Carry?

Ohio’s constitution does provide for open carry (more exactly, does not prohibit it).  This means you can legally carry a loaded handgun in public, provided it is in a holster and fully exposed.  The problem is that open carry does not apply to someone in their vehicle.  To transport a handgun in a vehicle, it must be unloaded and locked in a container with the ammunition separate.   If you have a concealed handgun license, you can transport your handgun in your vehicle loaded, as well as carry your handgun concealed in public.  Additionally, while it is legal to open carry, private property business owners can prohibit you from coming onto their property with a handgun, and it also draws attention when you may otherwise wish not to be in the spotlight.  These, along with other issues not mentioned, are important facts to consider when thinking about open carry vs. concealed carry.  Obtaining your concealed handgun license does not prohibit you from open carrying.

Do I have to be a Ohio resident to Apply?

You need to be an Ohio resident or someone who works in Ohio to apply for an Ohio CCW license.

Do Ex-Military/Retired Law enforcement Have to Take a Class?

A document that shows the applicant is an active or reserve member of the armed forces, has retired from, or was honorably discharged, or is a retired highway patrol trooper, or is a retired peace officer or federal law enforcement officer and who, through the position, acquired experience with handguns or other firearms that was equivalent to the minimum educational requirements in the last ten years.

How long do I have to live in Ohio to qualify as a resident?

Resident of Ohio for 45 days and the county you currently live in for 30 days.

Do I Have to Be a US Citizen to Apply?

Yes you do.

How Old Do I Have to be to Apply?

21 years of age or older.

What is the Application Fee for the Ohio permit?

$67 if you have lived in Ohio for the last 5 years or $91 if you have lived in Ohio less than 5 years.

What is the Renewal Fee?

The renewal for the permit is $67.

Will I be notified when my permit is going to expire?

No. You can renew your license anytime within 90 days of the expiration date.

How Often Do I Have to Renew My Permit?

Permits are good for 5 years

How long does it take to get the permit after my application has been submitted?

Maximum of 45 days.

Can I take the class online?

Ohio law now allows that a portion of the class may be completed online but a minimum of two hours of range time must be done in person with an instructor.

Do I have to own a gun to take the class?

No you do not. In fact we recommend if you haven’t already purchased a handgun that you wait until after the class so you can make a more informed buying decision. That said, if you are not bringing your own handgun to the class please let us know you will need to borrow one after you register.

During the Ohio CCW Class Do I Have to Shoot a Gun?

Yes, Ohio requires you fire a firearm and meet a qualification standard of shooting. The specific course of fire varies some from instructor to instructor but generally you will shoot appx 25 rounds per firearm.

What is the complete process to obtain the permit?

Here you can read our guide: Process for Obtaining an Ohio Concealed Carry Permit

Do Permit Holders Have to Notify Law Enforcement When Confronted?

Yes and to follow all lawful orders of the law enforcement officers.

Can Private Property Owners Prohibit Firearms on Their Property?

Yes, violation of posted private properly is a civil trespassing charge.

How Long is the Ohio Concealed Carry Class?

Ohio requires a minimum of 8hr CCW class but we provide more than the state required minimum with the material we cover in 9hrs.

With An Ohio Permit In What Other States Can I Carry Concealed

Visit the home page of this website for an updated map that reflects the states that will honor your permit.

What is Your Refund Policy? What If I Can’t Attend the Class I Signed Up For?

We will refund students when unable to attend a class they have prepaid for. We ask for prepayment only to have a reliable count of how many students are coming. This has become necessary because we fill most of our classes to capacity. Our full refund policy can be see here.

Do I have to shoot a firearm for this class?

Yes, you will be shooting at a target up to 15yds away from you.

What forms of payment will accept for the course?

Cash, check, or credit card (Visa, or MasterCard). We prefer if you prepay online but should you feel uncomfortable you can call us to make other arrangements. (Phone number above)

What are the requirements to be an Instructor?

All instructor candidates should have extensive experience with firearms.  A CCW license is not required but is highly suggested.

Attend a 2 day instructor class and pass a class examination

Pass a shooting qualification test