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Akron Man Defends Mother During Attempted Break-In

Akron Ohio Shooting

An Akron man was called into action to defend himself and his mother against a criminal who attempted to break into the elderly woman’s home. Luckily the woman’s son was armed and ready for the occasion.

The incident in question occurred on Saturday, June 23rd shortly after midnight at the home of the mother in question, in the 600 block of Wyandot Avenue in Akron. 

It started when the mother and son heard the attempts of the 41-year-old burglar trying to break into the house through the back door. This caused the mother to immediately notify police and her 36-year-old son to spring into action in order to keep the criminal out.

As the son and the criminal struggled to keep the door closed and open the back door respectively, the mother, while on the phone with police, handed her son a firearm of hers to defend themselves in case the burglar managed to break down the door.

This ended up being the right move to make, as soon after being handed the firearm the 41-year-old criminal broke through the back door and the son was forced to fire his mother’s gun at the attacker. This caused the burglar to fall back into the backyard. Once in the yard, the son fired another shot at the criminal, this time killing the attempted home invader. He was pronounced dead upon the arrival of police.

At the time of writing this article, it appears that there will be no charges filed against the son for killing the home invader, as it falls under Ohio’s Castle Doctrine law. It’s also known that neither the mother or her son were harmed in this attack, luckily for them, they had a firearm at the ready as police only just arrived on the scene after the incident was over.

What do you think of this story? Do you think this family would still be around today if they hadn’t kept their home gun ready and instead waited for police to arrive? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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