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St. Louisville Man Protects His Children from Armed Intruders

St. Louisville Ohio Shooting

Everyone who has ever had a child can tell you that their life was changed forever the day they were welcomed into the world. From that point on you have a brand new person to mold, teach, and most importantly protect. We have heard many stories over the years of parents going to great lengths to ensure their children are kept safe. And today we have another from the small town of St. Louisville.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning November 26th at the home of 37-year-old Donnie Gayheart at around 5:15 am when 27-year-old Samuel Beskid II entered the home through an unlocked door. Gayheart and his partner Kayla Bennett, as well as Gayheart’s two children, were asleep inside at the time of the break-in.

Bennett and Gayheart were only awakened when Beskid II himself woke them from their sleep and pointed a gun at them, demanding that they and the children go outside the house.

It must have been a terrifying situation, but somehow Gayheart kept a level head in the situation and asked the intruder if he could grab some pants from his closet before going outside. Beskid II obliged and in doing so gave Gayheart an opening to grab his handgun from the closet he was claiming just had his pants.

At that point, Gayheart made the decision of his life and shot at Beskid II striking him multiple times, including a fatal headshot that brought down the invader. Beskid II never even got a shot off in response.

According to later police reports, it was announced that Beskid II actually knew both Gayheart as well as Kayla Bennett before the shooting. He was actually, for a time, in a relationship with Bennett so the reasoning behind this deadly encounter may have had a more deliberate, sinister undertone. Thankfully though, we never have to find out what Beskid II was planning on doing to the pair or to the children in the house thanks to Gayheart’s thinking.

It was also announced by the police that Gayheart will not be facing any charges in the shooting death of Beskid II, as he was well within his rights to defend himself.

What do you think of this story? Do you have your home set up to defend yourself and your family in the event of an invasion? Do you also remember to lock your doors at night while you are sleeping or do you keep the same openness that Donnie Gayheart did? Let us know in the comments below.


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