The Process of Getting an Ohio Carry Permit

In Ohio only residents and those who work in Ohio are eligible to receive their concealed handgun permit.

The first step is to take a complete a firearms safety or training course (like our courses).

After the class is complete, you will receive a certificate of competency from the instructor.

Next you must apply in person at your Sheriff’s office but before heading out, check their website or call their office to find out whether they require appointments, if they accept on-line appointment creation or if they allow walk-ins.

Present your completed CCW application, your certificate of competency (or documentation of equivalent experience), and a passport-sized color photo.

Present a Valid Photo ID

Have your fingerprints taken

Affirm that you have read the Attorney General’s publication on Ohio CCW laws.

Pay a non-refundable application fee of $67.00 if you have been an Ohio resident for more than five years or $91.00 if less than five years.

Your Sheriff is required to issue your license within 45 days of application or notify you of your denial.