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Armed Elyria Mother Defends Family from Burglar

Elyria Ohio DGU

The Cleveland suburb of Elyria was nearly the scene of a mother’s nightmare on Monday night. Thankfully, this mother was able to see off her nightmare thanks to her trusty handgun.

The incident took place at around 8:00 PM on Monday and started due when 33-year-old Brett Santo walked into the home of Sarah Long on Fourth Street in Elyria. As the man walked in, he approached Long’s 15 & 17-year-old daughters which caused them to scream.

This was all that Sarah needed to hear to go into full flight or fight mode and this mother certainly picked the latter.

Sarah decided that it was time to pick up the pistol by her bed and head downstairs to see what was causing the terror to her children. She ran down the stairs and upon seeing Brett Santo in her home she proceeded to chase him out of her home, followed swiftly in toe by her 17-year-old daughter.

Before the two made it outside, Sarah had already dropped her firearm to make chase, but the family lost the culprit before they could stop him.

Thankfully those whose duty it is to catch such people as Brett Santo were put on the case. Local Elyria police were able to use the description that Sarah gathered of the man and make a capture just a few blocks away.

Brett Santo has been arrested and charged with burglary for his actions.

As for Sarah Long, her defiance of this criminal was well shown in an interview she had with local media.

“I said, you picked the wrong (expletive) mother. I ran after him over the bridge and he turned around and was like, is this (woman) still chasing me.”

And like that you see how even when the trigger is not pulled, having a gun around the house can save your skin. Just the threat of seeing the gun caused this cowardly home invader to flee. And isn’t it a good thing he did.

Long admit that she doesn’t normally have her firearm with or near her. This experience may serve as a reminder to all of us to always have the firearm on your person!

What do you think of this story? Do you think your training is good enough to handle a situation like this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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