3,000 Rounds Fired in Columbus, Ohio New Year’s Celebration

columbus ohio

Some of us celebrated the new year by hanging out with family or friends and kissing our loved ones. But, unfortunately, many in Columbus, Ohio, decided to celebrate more destructively and dangerously by shooting guns into the sky. I’ll bet that everyone reading this post understands the criminal recklessness displayed in celebratory gunfire. So this…

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Daughter Shot After Mother Fears Home Invasion

Girard, Ohio – An 18-year-old woman who had recently gone off to college was mistaken for an intruder by her mother resulting in her being shot. According to police, the victim had returned home from college looking to surprise her mother who was home alone at the time at around 9 p.m. Friday evening. The…

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Many Ohioans Lose Their Cars When Warming Them Up, Don’t Let Yourself Be Another Victim

It may not have felt like it until recently, but winter is here and the temperatures outside are dropping. Now, nobody likes to get into a cold car, I’m sure of that but if you don’t have a garage to keep your car warm you might be tempted to run out and start your car and then come back in to finish eating breakfast. Well, you might want to take a little bit more care than other Ohioans have been taking in doing so.

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