Passenger Of Vehicle Has Negligent Discharge – Driver Crashes Into Ditch

Three Rivers, MI — On Monday, May 25th a crazy event happened that includes several valuable lessons for each of us. Please read carefully.

Two people were in a car driving on U.S. 131. The passenger “accidentally” shot himself in the leg. The driver, naturally startled, then drove the car off the road, through a construction zone, and into a ditch.

When officers arrived they applied a tourniquet to the victim’s leg and transported him to the hospital. Police found a total of 3 unsecured handguns and marijuana on the passenger side of the vehicle.

It is never my intention to criticize anyone who has faced such a situation but there are some good things we can learn from this story and today I’m going to share 3 lessons that I hope you will consider TODAY and attempt to implement as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

1. Never Have Direct Access to a Firearm When Ingesting Any Substance That Can Alter Your Ability to Make Good Decisions
Alcohol, marijuana (legal or otherwise), some medication, and even a heightened emotional state can cause you to make bad decisions. Draw a hard line in the sand and never mix any of these things with gun access.

Most adults know their limits relating to the consumption of alcohol and each of us has unique biochemistry and I recognize that. However, a slight mistake (which happens even to sober people) can have life-changing negative consequences.

In addition, we have to recognize that the physical reaction to any substance in your body changes when it is mixed with adrenaline and endorphins. The outcome could be a physical state you are not used to and cannot predict.

(Click here for more info on the legal issues surrounding Marijuana and gun ownership and use)

2. Minimize Administrative Handling of the Firearm
I don’t know why the passenger was handling a firearm but what I do know is the more often you handle, touch, manipulate the gun the more likely you are to experience a negligent discharge.

Each time you reach for your firearm ask yourself if you NEED to handle the firearm right now. Removing the gun from its holster for any unnecessary reason is foolish.

Great care should be taken any time you remove a firearm from its holster for any handling.

Review our research on the how and when of most negligent discharges here.

3. The Tourniquet Might Have Saved His Life
In this case, the responding officers applied a tourniquet to the leg injured by the gunshot. If you are a victim in any incident you better hope someone immediately on the scene has a tourniquet and you don’t have to wait for first responders to show up with one.

Regardless if you are the injured party or the first on the scene of a car accident; good trauma medical gear saves lives. In this instance, the car wreck took place within city limits of Three Rivers MI but they were driving down Highway 131 which runs through a lot of rural counties outside of city limits. If it had taken 10-15 minutes longer for officers to respond this person may not have made it.

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  1. Gordon Couger on May 30, 2020 at 6:01 am

    We should all carry a first aid kit with a couple of tourniquets, chest seals, blood stop, sterile saline and 1/4 strength Dakin’s Solution to disinfect wounds. It saved a lot of lives in World War One*. Gauze tape and such of course.

    Your more likely to need it from a car wreck than being shot..

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