2021: Nevada Will No Longer Honor Ohio Concealed Handgun License

June 28, 2021 UPDATE: Buckeye Firearms Association reported that they received confirmation from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office that Ohio’s removal from Nevada’s reciprocity list was in error. A valid Ohio concealed Handgun License (CHL) is recognized in Nevada just as before. Here is the updated post.

Concealed carriers with permits issued in Ohio, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia will no longer be allowed to carry their handgun in the state of Nevada. The change will go into effect as of July First, 2021.

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In particular, Nevada, Reno, and Las Vegas are popular vacation destinations, so this is sure to affect many concealed carriers in Ohio.

Build a Reciprocity Map:

You can see the states that still honor Ohio permits by visiting our reciprocity map builder here.

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