2021: Nevada Will No Longer Honor Ohio Concealed Handgun License

Lorain Ohio Shooting

June 28, 2021 UPDATE: Buckeye Firearms Association reported that they received confirmation from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office that Ohio’s removal from Nevada’s reciprocity list was in error. A valid Ohio concealed Handgun License (CHL) is recognized in Nevada just as before. Here is the updated post. Concealed carriers with permits issued in Ohio, Florida,…

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Ohio Concealed Carrier saves Police Officer’s Life

That was when Mr. Deboard came into play. During the officer’s struggle, Cpl. Wheeler looked up and saw Dylan DeBoard, who had produced his handgun, while announcing to the officer and the assailant that he had a concealed carry permit and was pointing his weapon at the assailant.

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The Ohio Gun Apocalypse That Never Happened

If you don’t see the media commenting on the fact that 500,000 concealed carry licensed Ohio gun owners, did not cause a single incident during the event that was sure to end the world; and that Ohio’s open carry law did not result in an armed militia disrupting the event, don’t be shocked.

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