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The Ohio Gun Apocalypse That Never Happened

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With the Republican National Convention (RNC) wrapped up and in the books, there are a couple of important points I want to highlight, before they are swept under the rug. If you have turned on a television, looked at an article on the internet or social media, or even read a newspaper (yes there are still printed newspapers), you undoubtedly knew that the apocalypse was sure to happen this summer in Cleveland, Ohio during the RNC. How could it not? You had the uber hateful, racist and 1%er, Donald Trump receiving the presidential nomination from the elitist, and bigoted, Republican Party. A party that refused to legitimize a devicive group that incited riots and murderous actions toward police officers. To top it off, the uneducated, violent, gun toting, evil NRA members support Trump. These are the same people that want everyone, including terrorists, mentally ill and convicted felons to own military weapons, or any weapon for that matter; and get them with absolutely no background check what so ever. In fact, because of the NRA, people have easier access to firearms than a then do to a library book, or fresh vegetable (SEE HERE) or a McDonalds happy meal (SEE HERE). Oh, and did you remember that Ohio, is a … open carry state! Yes, an open carry state with a robust concealed carry permit program that has issued 500,000 permits to Ohio residents! So yes, there could not be a more dangerous area on earth at the moment. So dangerous, that the Cleveland PD Union President requested Ohio’s Governor Kasich, to violate preemption law of Ohio, (SEE HERE) and temporarily ban open carry in Cuyahoga County during the convention (which thankfully did not happen).

I am writing this to let you know that some people made it through this event with no injury. In fact, there were no deaths, no mass rioting, no roads shut down by people pretending to be speed bumps, no terrorist attacks and no shootings. What was there instead, was a democratic political process, where people with any point of view can protest and announce their message and beliefs to whomever wants to listen, provided they do it in a way that does not jeopardize public safety and violate law. Yes there were arrests made, a few dozen in total and some injuries to police and protesters. While obviously the goal would be to have zero arrests or injury, we do not live in an idilic utopia of rainbows and unicorns. Until then there will be some bad apples in the mix. The overwhelming police presence and terrific plan by the CPD was undoubtedly a huge reason for such a safe week in Cleveland, so big thank you to all the law enforcement officers who provided protection and kept the peace in order for people to excursive their rights and take part in this democratic election process.

Okay this is going to be a shocker, but the evil gun toting 2nd amendment open carriers and concealed carriers in Ohio accounted for…wait for it…ZERO arrests or issues. Wait, let me say that again. There were no gun related arrests or issues stemming from gun carrying citizens. I know this is hard for the media to swallow, as it is a common narrative that simply being in the vicinity of a gun or gun owner reduces your life expectancy to mere seconds. But sadly for the media, that turned out to be false. In fact, people with lighters, starter fluid and the American flag created the most dangerous environment for people wanting to take part in a political process. And by the way, you don’t need a background check to buy any of these items. No I don’t want to ban these items, or restrict the size of the lighter or amount of lighter fluid that can be owned by a citizen.

I will turn the sarcasm dial down a few notches and leave you all with this. I fought for this country overseas, and served as a police officer, protecting citizens here in America. I love the fact that we have the ability to openly disagree, protest and the right to petition the government for redress. I also think what makes this country great is the mix of ideas and opinions. BUT, what is destroying the balance, is a false narrative of guns and gun owners as an evil, ignorant, violent, maniacal, and careless. The adjectives used are not unique to gun owners. There are some gun owners that fit this description, just as there are non gun owners that are accurately described by the above mentioned traits.

If you don’t see the media commenting on the fact that 500,000 concealed carry licensed Ohio gun owners, did not cause a single incident during the event that was sure to end the world; and that Ohio’s open carry law did not result in an armed militia disrupting the event, don’t be shocked. News like this won’t sell or draw millions of likes and shares on Facebook, but it is important to speak of it because it is the truth. Ohio gun owners, congratulations on disproving one again, that guns and the overwhelming majority of gun owners are criminals, and their existence makes people any less safe.


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