Concealed Carry Changes for Ohio as SB 199 Goes into Effect

Some major changes have just occurred to Ohio’s concealed carry law, thanks to Senate Bill 199 going into effect on Tuesday.

Senate Bill 199 allows anyone with a concealed carry license to take their firearms with them more places. These places include day care facilities private planes and non-secure areas of airports such as drop-off locations and certain baggage areas.

Senate Bill 199 will still prohibit concealed carry on college campuses. But the colleges themselves will now be allowed to authorize certain people or groups to carry weapons on campuses. The bill also allows employees to store their guns or bullets in their cars while at work.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks stated:

“Before, employers were allowed to restrict or prohibit their employees from bringing a gun onto company property. For example, if you are going to go to work someplace and you live down the country, or where ever, you could wear a gun all the way to where your employer was, and then you were not permitted to go on their property. Now, you can do that and you are allowed to lock your weapon and ammunition in the car.”

The law also gives active duty military people who possess greater or equal training to a concealed carry permit permission to carry with only their active duty license.

It sounds like a good day for a carrier in the state as more places have been opened up to us. How do you feel about it?

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