Akron Store Owner Shoots at Two Masked Robbery Suspects, Injuring One

Barberton Ohio Shooting

Akron, Ohio — A local business owner fired shots at two armed, masked men during an attempted robbery at the 900 block of Delia Ave at about 1 pm, this past Saturday. Reports say that after the store owner fired shots at the two suspects they fled the scene.

One of the men was dropped off at Akron City Hospital sometime later with a gunshot wound to his arm. It’s being reported at this time that the 32 year old suspect Marcell Clay has non-life threatening injuries and is expected to recover.

Two other men were with him when he was dropped off. After they dropped Clay off for treatment, they left their getaway car and took off from the hospital on foot. 31 year old Dominic Smith and 20 year old Marsean Grier were caught by police and arrested several blocks away from the hospital.

Both men admitted to the attempted robbery and are currently in lockup in the Summit County Jail. A handgun was recovered in the left behind getaway car and is believed to be the one used in the robbery attempt.

Clay is being charged with aggravated robbery and felony assault. Smith is being charged with aggravated robbery, and Grier is being charged with felony assault, aggravated robbery, probation violation and carrying a concealed weapon.

It’s being reported at this time that nobody in the store, to include the owner of the business, was injured during this attempted robbery.

Thankfully the store owner was able to effectively protect his patrons and his own life with his firearm.


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