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Firearm Sale Goes Bad When Teen is Shot

Ohio Gun Sale Shooting

As reported by WLWT in Cincinnati, OH a teen at a local high school was shot and killed when a firearm trade went bad.

This is a tragic event with teenagers (under 18) who should not have been trading firearms to begin with, not to mention the firearms should have been secured.  

If you are going to sell or purchase firearms online think about following these guidelines:

  • Make sure the person you are dealing with is 18 or older for long guns and 21 or old for pistols.
  • Follow all Federal and State laws
  • If you are purchasing a pistol outside of your state, you will need to use an FFL dealer.
  • Sales of firearms can only be done in person and only dealers can sell firearms to other dealers through the mail or UPS.
  • Meet the person in a public place like a range, WalMart, or grocery store parking lot.  Meeting at your home is not recommended since they now know where you live.
  • Get a bill of sale from the seller and/or a picture of their drivers/CCW license.  A legal seller shouldn’t have a problem giving you this to protect themselves and you.
  • Know how to check the operation of the firearm if you can’t fire it before the purchase
  • When searching for a firearm use reputable sites like and that allow you to check out the reputation of the seller.  Be cautious of new users who have no history. Reputable sites will also help you find FFL dealers in your area.
  • Ensure your firearms are secured and unauthorized people cannot access them.
  • Keep records of your purchase for insurance purposes or if your ownership is ever questioned.

Purchasing items online can save you money and get you what you want but you need to take steps to do it safely whether it’s purchasing something off CraigsList or purchasing a firearm.

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