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Barberton Nearly Shut Down Over Active Shooter

Barberton Ohio Shooting

Slightly southwest of Akron lies the city’s suburb of Barberton. A city that has been in the news recently due to it being yet another example of active shooters cutting a swath of blood across this nation of ours over the past week.

This incident occurred on the evening of Tuesday, October 3rd and originally frightened the residents of the small suburb due to the sounds of police cars echoing throughout the neighborhoods as well as word that the local schools had been placed on lockdown.

Thankfully though, due to local police heroics and a well-organized system of preparation, there have been no reports of any injuries to the civilian population of Barberton.

The same cannot be said for the shooter himself, who goes by David Michael Havrilek. Havrilek made it very clear that he would not go down without a fight after the police found out his location and went to meet him.

After police arrived at Havrilek’s position, the two parties engaged in a shootout which saw the suspect end up injured from either a self-inflicted or police fired shot. Thankfully, no police were announced wounded or killed following the firefight.

No, it appeared that Havrilek was going to be the only person to get hurt in this night of chaos and bullets, but that wasn’t the case.

After many thought the nightmare was over during David Havrilek’s transfer to a local hospital to have his gunshot wound treated, the entire police, medical, and civilian communities of Barberton were shocked to hear that David Havrilek, a man under police and hospital surveillance still did not have his bloodlust quenched.

Havrilek reportedly assaulted a police officer as well as a nurse when he reached Akron General Hospital. Their injuries do not appear to be serious, but it did show the public just how deep the depravity of this would be mass shooter went.

Now, with the situation under control, however, Barberton can sleep a little bit easier knowing that they were not the next town to be torn apart by a national tragedy. All this due to the heroics of the local police department.

What do you think of this story? Are you prepared to survive a situation like this should it occur near you? Let us know in the comments below.

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