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Concealed Carrier Fires on Car Burglar, After Being Threatened with Knife

Car Burglary Concealed Carry

Photo Courtesy of The Hudson Reporter

A story out of Youngstown today, as a theft suspect who was shot by his potential victim is in the hospital and facing several charges.

The unnamed concealed carrier saw the as of yet unidentified thief trying to break into and steal from cars on the city’s north side near Wick Avenue and McGuffy Road when the man came out of his house and tried to stop him.

Officials say that the suspect saw the concealed carrier coming out of his house, and proceeded to pull out a knife. That did not deter the carrier, as he then produced his firearm and fired once at the burglar, grazing him on the side of the head.

After the shot was fired the the suspect ran on foot, but police were soon called to the scene and were able to catch him. When the suspect was found, he was bleeding from the head and was later taken to the hospital.

As of the writing of this article, the condition of the suspect is unknown, but he is facing charges that include felonious assault, robbery and theft.

The concealed carrier is not facing any charges for his actions.


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