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Cleveland PD Union President Requesting Governor Suspend Open Carry During RNC

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As a former police officer, I am very disturbed, as most of the sane populace of our country, at the complete undermining and attack of our nations police force over the last 8 years. It has come from both sides of the political spectrum and the highest office of our country. All of this has resulted in not only the media attacking police, but groups emboldened by the calculated hate-police rhetoric that is constantly aired on television.

All that being said, I was pretty troubled when I heard of my hometown PD union president publically request that Ohio Governor Kasich, temporarily ban open carry in all of Cuyahoga County during the RNC. I get it, the police are on edge and rightfully so. They literally have a target on their backs placed there by criminals and government ‘policy makers’ because of a political agenda. I even think that if the Cleveland Police Union, would have gone about it in a different way, there would have been a different response from Ohio’s pro gun population.

To first request the governor to suspect a right granted by not only the US Constitution but Ohio’s State Constitution, is a very polarizing thing, especially in this political climate. I think the Cleveland PD Union, could have requested meetings, or done public relations work with the many Ohio open carry groups to request assistance and co-operation during the convention. Explaining the reasons for concern may have falled on some deaf ears, but I believe most of the open carriers would have understood and felt like their rights were not under attack.

Here is the latest on the public statement from Cleveland PD Union President, as reported by

Matthew Maruster

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